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First P2P Eco-System of Crypto Buyers Start Token Generation Event February 2018

Bitcoin Press Release: Token Launch Date Announced for Dether, World’s First Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem of Crypto Buyers, Sellers, and Shops

Paris, France, December 18, 2017Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network, allowing anyone to trade ether for cash and spend it at physical stores, announced today the date of their upcoming token launch.

Dether is a trustless application, powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Their intention is to provide greater accessibility, and therefore mass adoption of Ethereum, by making the process of obtaining or trading, quicker, easier and more accessible to anyone. Dether allows users all across the globe to buy or trade ether, without a bank account, credit or debit card, making cash and cards a thing of the past.

Dether’s token launch will take place February 7, 2018. In order to participate, users must first register on their whitelist, which opens January 15, 2018. In regards to the ÐTH (Dether) token total supply, 100.000.000 ÐTH max will be minted, and broken down into:

66% Token sale
3% Bounty program
18% Team (vested for 3 years with a 6-month release program)
3% Advisors (vested for 6 months)
5% Early contributors (vested for 6 months)
5% Presale bonus (vested for 6 months)

Contributions will be capped according to the number of participants that have been whitelisted. The token sale whitelist will be open for 3 weeks, starting on January 15, 2017. However, the token sale whitelist may close before the end of the 3 week period if the maximum number of participants registered is reached before the deadline. The maxcap will be equivalent to 8 millions USD (in ETH).

Co-founder Hamid Benyahia said

“By owning ÐTH in a wallet, users will be able to pay fewer fees on trades than if they were paying in ether. Users are incentivized to use ÐTH tokens to pay fees and be part of the affiliate program. Incentives in ÐTH tokens are guaranteed to users that onboard new users in order to create a decentralized business development system.”

What purpose will the ÐTH token serve?

Dether co-founder, Mehdi Amari said

“The ÐTH tokens serve two main goals: ÐTH proposes a freemium model, much like the Google search page,” said Amari. “Sellers and physical shops are organically visible. However, using ÐTH tokens allows users to ensure better visibility and to increase trading volumes.”

Dether’s beta will be available on Ethereum Mainnet in March 2018. Sellers, buyers and physical shops from all over the world will be able to use ÐTH tokens on Dether.
Those interested can learn more here, and by reading about the token in Dether’s whitepaper.

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